1) A people' network, on top of the Internet, where users are businesses, identified by their own domain, either individual (julienboyreau.com) or collective, to which is associated an account of money

2) A game, where each business can play only three roles : Production, Prescription, Consumption

3) An architecture that is Peer2Peer meaning no intermediary between the producer using a prescription for consumption, preventing the creation of market power through computing power purchasing power instead of value creation

4) A rule, 2nd Price Game invented by W. Vickrey, where the best strategy for any prescriptor getting a request a request from a consumer is to :
  1. Redirect to the display with the highest expected value
  2. Be paid for that display the 2nd best expected value
  3. Being updated by the producer with displays that led to an exchange and with the value of the displayed

5) A formula for the expected value, called the BoyreauRank : 
BoyreauRank(display, context)=(#exchanges / #displays) x (Price - Cost), where
  1. #exchanges is a count of the number of exchanges from the display updated by the producer. Not updating will decrease value and make the offer disappear of displays 
  2. #displays is a count of the number of displays. Overdisplaying in wrong context will decrease the value and make the prescriptor unrelevant for traffic
  3. Context is a list of tags attached to the request to match the consumer real time need with a growing and bettering number of offers instead of more or less stealing a single consumer history to narrow the consumer on restricted highly advertised costly products 
  4. Price can have 3 values :
  • For material goods, price is what to be paid by the consumer integrating a margin on top of material goods for people involved in the production
  • For immaterial goods, price is the 2nd best expected value of displays mixed with it for a immaterial good, be it a text, a sound, an image or a mix of these 
  • For human design, price is a percentage of the generated value

6) A backward compatible system where a peer can join the PVN with current software just by implementing a couple of HTTP URLs

      1. /pvn/display?context= 
  • GET MUST select an offer according to BoyreauRank and redirect to an HTML ressource of the producer with the context and the 2nd price to be paid by the producer back to the prescriptor
  • POST MUST contain a body in JSON with exactly 3 attributes, "url", "price", "cost"
      2.  /pvn/exchange?url=
  • POST MUST allow the prescriptor to update the BoyreauRank from an exchange at the producer and SHOULD contain the context in the body in JSON
  • GET MAY be used to allow a consumer to directly click to buy a product in a display
      3. /pvn/account?context=
  • POST MUST allow the producer to pay the 2nd price to the prescriptor and the consumer to pay the price of material goods to the producer
  • GET MUST allow the user to display transparently its balance in order to reinsure its partners

7) A new software implementation, being currently programmed based on a new universal programming language, called <strong>BoyreauScript</strong>, mixing the best of WYSIWIG, HTML, CSS, Javascript and HTTP paradigms