Here it is, I am born again !

I profited from the close down of my old provider to finally light my domain up.

This is very interesting to eventually feel oneself at home.

The more time goes by, the more I am sure that the HTTP domain is the ultimate interface between people via computers.

It is owned as such. (around 10€/year). It is not visibly dependent on a third party as an SMTP address. It is not technically attached to a third party service as a GSM number. It is opened by design to GET information FROM and POST information TO.

In a near future, HTTP domains may replace GSM numbers and SMTP addresses for everything:

You want to get something FROM me ; GET it from my domain. You want to post something TO me ; POST it to my domain.

Today, the "something" is mainly text in HTML. Tomorrow, the "something" may be anything, from text then colors or sounds (voice calls), to property's right.

Stay tuned to this domain to get information about what's coming beyond.