I am scared Day after day, reading, watching TV, listening, I am more and more scared. Seeing Al Gore and the persons in GIEC to get the Nobel Prize made me sicker.

Why ?

Because of this meme that is contaminating more and more persons : "the danger for Environment caused by climate change caused by persons"

Some of my thoughts.

1) "Nature" or "Environment" is not something.

This is the most efficient tactic : to see something as a person, to tell that it can be "harmed", "suffers", "to protect" or whatever.

Have you ever met Environment ? What did he tell you ? When was he suffering ?

Environment with a capital E in English or "L'Environnement" in French is not like you and me.

Even "an environment" with a little e is not even a good common noun at all. How many environments do you know ? Which environment is this one ? Can you show me an environment ?

It's actually two times more dangerous : make a person from a common noun, moreover from a common noun that means nothing.

2) "Climate change" is almost a pleonasm.

In the same way that a fire is burning or a water is wetting, a climate is changing ! Look anywhere in a day, a hundreds days, a thousands, million, billion years, "climate" may be the one that is changing the most !!! Morever, a climate is highly local. The climate of Earth is not a single one.

3) More CO2 cannot be the source of a greater temperature.

On any study plotting the temperature and CO2 in athmosphere with time : Yes, I saw a correlation between how they changed. However, greater CO2 ALWAYS FOLLOWED greater temperature, on any period in a graph and on any graph. So CO2 cannot be the source but the consequence of greater temperature. So persons as a source of CO2 cannot be the source of greater temperatures.

4) No one can predict whether higher or lower temperature is better in "general"

Yes, you saw some "serious" prediction about the "cost" of global warming. But, the consequences of a warming will be different for a person to another person. There will be some better and some worse for any person.

5) Many different persons want this meme to spread for their own interest.

I can see many ones but don't know yet which is the biggest :

a) Persons that need a substitute for Communism. As the founder of Greenpeace once told, these kind of groups were contaminated in the late 80s by many people seeing or predicting that USSR and Communism will disappear. These are the exact years when this meme started to contaminate.

b) Persons in states and UNO to justify we need them. Oh, yeah, from Al Gore to J. Chirac, "Environment" is a "global" problem. So this needs a "global" solution. So this needs states.

c) Persons to have a new "cause that transcend us all" Yes, a person needs a "quest". Some are dreaming about how to make better cars or computers to help a person. Some are dreaming about how to force a person not to release CO2 to help "Environment".

d) Persons "studying" climate change to get money from persons in states. "Climate Change" specialists are now getting 10 times more money that before the "Climate change as a risk for humanity" thing.

e) Persons on television, radios, newspapers...to get audience thus money. These persons saw big audience anytime you're showing images of dying bears or hotting ice...to tell how nasty you are. So they'll keep on showing the images.

The c)s can be excused. The e)s are followind winds and can reverse the situation. The d)s are dangerous because they think that stamping their work with "Scientific" will make it a truth. The a)s and b)s ones are the worst because among them, most of them are completely cynical.

Whatever the ones, I keep on seeing the vicious circle of this heteroclyt coalition to spread the meme over and over.

Conclusion : next force to come ?

I once thought that the collapse of USSR, the millions persons dead in China, the persons dying from hunger in Korea, or the 40 years lost by persons in most of countries in Africa, would have vaccinated us against collectivism.

Yes, the "Proletariat" personification is dead. But, the "Environment" is well being, alive and ready to justify violence for years to come.