I was born in 1980, near Bordeaux, in France.
I have been in Paris, in France, since 1998.
I am ruled by the state in France, topped by N. Sarkozy.
I am thus forced to :
a) give money of mine to persons in the state to do what the biggest minority told them to do.
b) follow the rules made by persons in the state.

I don't want any person that wants to give its money and follow the rules to stop doing it.
But I want any of these persons to stop forcing me to do so.

Secessionism has always been an idea highly tighted to geography.

The idea is to apply on a whole wide land new rules edicted by a new government.
This lead to wars and the reconstitution of governments, oppression and legal theft.

I don't want to force people to kill what they're cheerishing or follow me in statelessness.
Just the right to it for me and any person that wants it.

Living without a state is easy for most of the parts : no benefits from the state for no obligations.
No money from it for no money to it.

In France, it's however slightly more complex than anywhere else as the state is so embedded in almost any part of my life.

The compromises to do are :

  1. 1 : any road except highways are the state's right now and would be too long to give to someone's.

=> I will give money to the state to be at the state's roads AND will follow rules made for them by the state.

  1. 2: some televison and radio channels are the state's and would be too long to exclude me from seeing and hearing them.

=> I will give money to the state to see and hear its television and radio channels.

  1. 3: trains and busses are the state's and highly subsidized.

=> I will give the right money to the state's companies leading them.

I don't want to give my money for anything else, either because I don't need it or because I can get better and/or cheaper from some groups or persons.

I could decide alone to apply this.
But as soon as I will be seen by the persons in the state, I will probably go to a prison.

That's why I am writing this, for two kind of people.
Those who want the same as me to join me : the more we'll be, the harder it'll be for the state to jail us once we'll apply our plan.
Those who want the status quo to leave us : the more they'll be, the easier it'll be for them to force the state not to jail us.

Hoping some people, anywhere in the world and especially in France will join.