As a fan, I watched the latest keynote from Steve Jobs at Macworld.
What's the saddest is that we are less and less surprised since most of it is revealed before from the WWW.

However, one was not known before and is by far the most interesting : Time Capsule.

Thinner MacBook, better software for iPhones, better business model to see films from iTunes, better Apple TV, any among these was to plan.
But Time Capsule is really more : unlike Jobs, I don't think Time Capsule is a perfect companion for a Mac, but it is for an iPhone!!!

What's missing the most in iPhone is not to be faster but to not have enough memory to hold my digital life. Even if it was, as I am carrying my iPhone anywhere I am, I am much more in danger to lose my data (being crashed, lost or stolen) than at home.

Imagine a direct link between my Time Capsule and my iPhone.
Imagine this link in Wifi at home or via the Internet when not at home.
Now add a way for me to get/post to my iPhone wirelessly on big screen/keyboards when available.

With this 3, you have the beginning of the end of both laptops, and desktops for anyone but audio and video makers.

Upgrading the iPhone and now having done Time Capsule, Apple will keep on thinking : how not to kill our Mac business ?