I wrote about the structuring tension that is sitting into the ICT industry.

Today, two releases are once again highlighting this tension, each coming from the two most important companies from the latest 25 years.

Apple did buy PA Semi.
Reading this on the morning, this made me wet ;).
For a device maker, buying a chip maker is a move that was not seen since the 70s when IBM or DEC were making everything from chips and softwares to devices.
The IBM PC killed these approach and fostered the growth of specialized companies in chips (Intel), softwares (Microsoft) and computers (Dell)...
The chips made by PA Semi are a mixture of performance and efficiency: Apple would so more than ever focus on growing the latest iteration of the personal computer platform, that is iPhone.

Microsoft did release Live Mesh
This is the next step in the "servicization" of Microsoft, from a personal computer champ' to a Mainframer coming back to the 50s while running behind Google.
Live Mesh is an old idea to solve a niche problem.
The old idea is to create a centralized mainframe (poetically said "in the cloud") to master many enslaved devices.
It is (for now) niche because the number of persons with more than one desk/laptop is quite marginal.
I will let a chance to Microsoft to improve the frame when pocketable devices will come on stage.