As any geek fascinated by electronic gizmos, I followed the craziness around the beginning of April, aka iPad.
Almost everything has been said about it : here are the 3 main questions I got from it.


1) What's the market for a third computer between smartphone and desk/laptop ?

iPad is a marketing bet : that there is some room for a third computer that sits between the smartphone and the laptop.
As time and numbers will flow our RSS feeds, we'll know two things :
First, how many iPads and iPad ersatz will be sold. Second, and most importantly : how many iPads and iPad ersatz will be sold ADDITIONALLY to laptops and desktops.

2) Is this the beginning of the end for the Desktop UI ?

iPad is a new computing user interface : one in a full screen computer that gets rid of mouse, windows, files, folders, etc, etc...that is the same plain old user paradigm we've been stuck in since the rise of the first Mac 26 years ago.
I hope the logical next step for Apple will be to spread this new paradigm up to lap and desktop to make computers simple, easy and fun to use again.

3) Is this the beginning of the end for the "Web" ?

iPad is an ecosystem : a system that could destroy or replace the web ecosystem if continued to be successful.
iPhone OS is the only "browser"
Objective C is the language instead of Javascript / HTML and CSS
Apps are the equivalent of "web sites".
iAd is the equivalent of Google AdSense.
AppStore is the Google.
The main difference between the two is obviously about control : control from one company or control from a complex ecosystem of standards (W3C), foundations, companies...
I can't wait to see how Google will react to this danger: will they be as stupid as Microsoft and try to contradict themselves by pushing the "app" model ?
Or will they be smart and accelerate the development of the web ecosystem.
Chrome OS, Chrome Tablets and Chromebooks will so be quite interesting to follow !